Heritage of violence

The purpose of Grand Theft Auto series is not presenting violence in the purest of forms, well at least not anymore. A good game is about the experience and allows players to explore numerous gameplay posibilities.

The strongest merit of GTA IS simulating a life of a  criminal and  it does a great job throughout the series. Some might recall GTA 1 – a game of raw 2D graphics where money earned in game were merely spendable points marked with a ”$”. Running a car through a number of civilians earned a sum of cash which could then be spent on buying new means of civilian eradication. First Grand Theft Auto games were revolutionary because they moved one step further; they were bold enough to embrace a concept considered taboo and made a digital product out of it.

Continuations (starting from GTA3) included the little things: like changing clothes or going to the gym and getting seriously bulked. It seemed as if Rockstar developers wanted to make tiny steps toward creating an ultimate VR experiance, however still, with a violent/satyrical main theme – a mix loved by the milions.

The Warren Trumpet of Virtual Reality

That’s right, a good way to earn money in GTA 5 is investing. There is a well developed stock exchange market which you may access through the internet (in-game).  As you progress, the stock will go up and down: depending on your actions.  A hint of advise: carefully listen to radio auditions – they contain some clues that might really help you to pave a Golden Lane of your own. Bear in mind that the stock market is quite dynamic and has a random factor to it, you might want to save your game as often as possible to avoid the waste of your hard earned currency (the stocks are frozen during weekends). It is a good idea to keep several save states depending on the current situation on The GTA ”Big Board” – in case something went terribly wrong with your investments. As a matter of fact. the subject is so immense that you may find tons of in-depth guides on the web, and it would be a good idea to scan through at least few of them.

If you always imagined yourself living in an exquisite penthouse – that’s great! You might buy houses and flats in GTA 5, but remember to sell the ones you no longer need. After buying all the DLCs you may attain 5 households at a time. The more estates you posses, the more vehicles you may own and there is nothing more satisfying than browsing through your fancy car collection before taking a long ride. You may obtain other venues as well such as clubs and bars –  they will make a passive income for you.

Steal cheap – sell high!

Forcing the doors open – smashing a face and getting away: driving your desired vehicle, sounds easy enough?  The new gen car thief simulator makes the work a little bit more difficult.

Bear in mind some of these rules and you’ll be just fine:

  • Car alarms – it’s pretty obvious in real life(for some), although games – in general – tend not to pay attention to such details. An alarm may make some noise, without any consequences to the ex-drivers oppressor. However, if the police are somwhere near – you will be prosecuted. You’re lucky as not all cars do have these kinds of security.
  • No witnesses – Someone steals your car, what do you do ? Well, obviously you make the bastard pay. Be sure to always kill the victim of your theft. Drivers that are left alive will go to the pollice and possibly place a bounty on your head (the bounty system is for GTA online exclusively).
  • Selling cars (online exclusively) – Cars stolen may be sold. Pick wisely as not all cars are  worth the fuss. You may modify your personal vehicles, bear in mind though that you will be able to sell them only for the half of the cash you’ve put in: (basic value + 50% of modifications worth).

Experience EnhancingTools

”EET’s” ? Well, not talking about drugs – obviously. An outstanding success of a game developer is when the players make content for other players, and one might sąy that the game runs and promotes itself. GTA5 gives players some powerful mod-creating possibilities and the community loves it.

You may find countless mods on the Web, they can be as different as one could imagine. I would like to list some of them that make the game a really fresh experience, just to show the not awares what big of a deal I am talking about :

  • Character mods – These kinds of modifications change your hero, sometimes a little or sometimes a lot. If you played the game long enough or you possibly got bored for the time being. Installing one of these mods would be a great idea. Running through water as Flash, flying around as Superman or literally wrecking devastation as The Increadible Hulk – all is possible. The gameplay style might change dramatically.
  • Major content modifications -this category includes new locations, new properties or events. A mansion of a music producer or an exquisite penthouse may be imported into the game. A mental asylum may really boost the experience of GTA 5 for anyone. Really worth a try.
  • Minor content modifications – these are little flavours that will mildly enhance the visual experiance. Some new billboards, non-playable characters, reskins, new weapons or new vehicles may add up for a game of your dreams.

You may mix up the mods the way you like or create new ones. You might find some useful software that would make modding easier if you’re not too good of a scripter. GTA 5 is the hottest thing right now as the modding community flourishes and makes a tremendously good use of the editing possibilities. GTA 5 is not just a crime life simulator, not at all… not anymore.

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